Geeky Power Tools

Geeky Power Tools: Constructicons Decepticons

Power tools are often referred to as toys by those in the handyman segment. These tools are designed to look as good as their functionality, to the point where the color scheme is the brand identity. Many tool jockeys like a uniform set of tools, making them a prized collection of sorts. But what about tools aimed at pop culture savvy geeks?

Currently there are no tools designed to lure in the geeks, and that’s a shame. There are many possibilities that would entice geeks to enter hardware stores, perhaps even for the most minor home project.

Above is a Constructicons-themed power tool. Rather apt for building stuff, if I may say so. To some it may look like a toy, but to a geek it says elite handyman.

Other brands that could be used for a tool line to revolve around: Hot Wheels, Star Trek (engineering), X-Men (based on the mutant Forge, or the Sentinels), Bob the Builder (hey some people would like that!), and Tonka to name a few.

My personal choice would be the Constructicons one. Their distinct color scheme – likely created to avoid lawsuits with Caterpillar and other heavy machinery companies – is just so unique and recognizable.

It would also be so cool if Caterpillar painted their construction vehicles in green and purple. Construction sites would never look the same!


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  1. Supreme geeky gadget. That’s me – an “elite handyman”. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Jessica Lawson

    I have been looking for a purple drill for over 10 years, more seriously for nearly 3. This is awesome, and yes I would buy this one over another because it’s so super freaking cool. I would be more motivated to use it, just because I think it’s cool. Only problem…. I can’t figure out if you just created this… or if there is actually one of these out there somewhere? If you needed a little motivation to bring it to the public– here it is. 🙂

  3. Haha Dave, such an awesome drill. If only an Orion suit would go along with it – I’d be the most devoted DIY’er on the planet.

  4. This color scheme could cause brand confusion with Hitachi, I would go for more of the purple

  5. An Iron Man color scheme would be good, too

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