Gatorade Shower Head

Gatorade Shower showerhead by Dave's Geeky Ideas

Now you can shower just like a champion! Except on a more daily basis. And with regular water, not Gatorade. (EDIT: You also could embed an LED in there to make the water change colors. Thanks to Ryan M. for the idea!).

On a lighter note this blog is now 3 years old! Thanks for stopping by and putting up with my weird ideas, much like the one you see above.

Geeky Power Tools

Geeky Power Tools: Constructicons Decepticons

Power tools are often referred to as toys by those in the handyman segment. These tools are designed to look as good as their functionality, to the point where the color scheme is the brand identity. Many tool jockeys like a uniform set of tools, making them a prized collection of sorts. But what about tools aimed at pop culture savvy geeks?

Currently there are no tools designed to lure in the geeks, and that’s a shame. There are many possibilities that would entice geeks to enter hardware stores, perhaps even for the most minor home project.

Above is a Constructicons-themed power tool. Rather apt for building stuff, if I may say so. To some it may look like a toy, but to a geek it says elite handyman.

Other brands that could be used for a tool line to revolve around: Hot Wheels, Star Trek (engineering), X-Men (based on the mutant Forge, or the Sentinels), Bob the Builder (hey some people would like that!), and Tonka to name a few.

My personal choice would be the Constructicons one. Their distinct color scheme – likely created to avoid lawsuits with Caterpillar and other heavy machinery companies – is just so unique and recognizable.

It would also be so cool if Caterpillar painted their construction vehicles in green and purple. Construction sites would never look the same!

If I Had A Lawn I’d Rent It Out To Bugs Bunny

Bugs Bunny Home In The Ground

If I did have a lawn of any kind, I’d set this up. None of that Gnome or Flamingo business! This lawn ornament idea will give neighbors the impression that a certain silly wabbit has taken up residence on your property. For those who do have a lawn of some kind, they could probably get all this at Home Depot today. The mailbox, decal letters, and a wooden post.

Ideally it would be a smaller mailbox, I just used this size so you can see it in the picture! As for the hole, I recommend burying two small stacked black potting plants, so you can remove the top-most one and empty it if need be. A round black stone could also do the trick. I’d also make the mailbox removable for easier mowing. If you want to mess with the mailman once in awhile you could leave half-eaten carrots strewn about near the hole.

Sorry for all the Looney Tunes posts as of late. I guess when I work on one idea featuring LT, they all sort of creep into my head.

Mad Scientist Gear Part 2: Door Handles


Mad Scientist Steampunk Door

Nothing like an entrance to your evil lair that proclaims “Mad Scientist At Work!” to thwart angry mobs or worse – roommates. I’ve devised a basic solution: valve door handles like the ones found on a Submarine hatch.

This handle gives the impression that there is dangerous substances sealed within. This also could be mistaken for a bomb shelter or a panic room. All three impressions would mess with people actually.

The basic doorknob one is functional, the large one affixed to the middle of the door is for decoration. You could even paint the door silver and glue a bunch of bolts to the perimeter to complete the look.

I was very surprised that the valve doorknob handle does not exist – commercially or as a homebrew device. I figured the Steampunk community would have beat me to it by now. You’re asleep at the wheel, Steampunkers! Ha. Wheel.

Mad Scientist Gear Part 1: Light Switches


Mad Scientist Light Switches

It recently dawned on me that I tend to laugh maniacally and wring my hands just before I hit the ‘Publish’ button for every post, so therefore I must have a Mad Scientist complex. As I began to cope with this realization, I thought it would be best to come up with some ideas that would suit my lifestyle.

So I begin the Mad Scientist series with a pair of light switch designs, both of which resemble an old-school industrial fuse box lever. These simple accessories are often equated to Doc Brown or Dr. Frankenstein, where the act of flipping the switch was the moment of truth – there was no turning back.