Monsters Inc Fathead Design

Disney Fathead Monsters Inc

I feel the Scare Floor Door System from Monsters Inc. would make for an excellent Fathead design. Fatheads are those large decals which are affixed to walls, usually depicting sports teams or pop culture items. You can head to the official Fathead site and check out their selection.

Basically you’d have two large Fatheads flanking the door, and a smaller Fathead on top of the door. A bunch of small flower Fatheads would then complete the look:

The problem is you’d need a door that has a central location, and is not near a corner wall, allowing for both flanking Fatheads. But the beauty of this design is that you could place the Fatheads on either side of the door.

6 thoughts on “Monsters Inc Fathead Design

  1. Awesome.

    Your creativity, which includes taking pre-existing concepts and making them even cooler, is beyond astounding.
    Something like this seems so obvious in retrospect, but it definitely deserves recognition,

    1. Thank you. It is weird to think up a lot of the no-brainer stuff and discover it doesn’t exist. I’m sure some of it has crossed other people’s minds, but as I’ve often discussed with my friends – people don’t like to share their ideas.

      I’ve gotten into a few debates that I shouldn’t be doing this. Some of the reasons: my ideas will be stolen (no biggie), or my ideas may prevent companies from ever doing them. Universal Studios may rule out my Blu-Ray designs (or doing anything remotely similar) because they don’t want to look like they are stealing. Both arguments may be true, but I enjoy being creative, and hopefully some positives will come from it.

  2. u gave me an idea on how to make my kids playroom entrance…..gonna find myself a good drawer n painter…this sure is one cool door entrance…thanks mans…..

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