WALL-E Blu-Ray Case


Whenever possible I like to use film props as the basis for a Blu-Ray special edition cases, and for WALL-E I thought I’d use a simple but striking prop seen briefly in the film, the recolonization manual (or Manuel, as the captain called it). It’s a cool-looking book with an illuminated leaf emblem on the cover. 

Initially I thought this would make for a neat iPad cover, but it’s size and thickness is more appropriate for a disc case. I also thought a WALL-E robot would be ideal for a Blu-Ray case, but that would be a bit too big in my opinion (much like the R2D2 one I made a few years ago).


The leaf emblem would light on command via button, and would be powered by a replaceable battery. This design has only one disc, but additional flaps could be included to up the disc count to as many as 3.

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