Bluth Banana Stand ATM Machine


You probably remember the phrase “There is always money in the Banana Stand” from Arrested Development, a reference to the large stash of money hidden in its walls, not the stand’s revenue potential (as initially thought).  So I felt the Banana Stand would make for a neat piggy bank, but alas other geeks have already thought of that.

So I propose an ATM machine design instead! This way it would be close to the size of the actual Banana Stand seen in the show, and would be in keeping with the aforementioned phrase.

2 thoughts on “Bluth Banana Stand ATM Machine

  1. (And yes I know it’s redundant to call it an ATM Machine, essentially calling it an “Automated Teller Machine Machine”, but that is the everyday lingo in these here parts.)

  2. Usually just call it a bank machine.

    Insert obligatory comment of how bananas we are to pay all these bank services charges here in Canada.

    Don’t think I’ve ever seem the show Arrested Development (but I work weekday nights and usually only see shows that are on again on the few west coast U.S. channels I have on Shaw basic digital cable)

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