Finding Nemo Blu-Ray Case

Finding Nemo Blu-Ray Case Design

Originally I was going to make an aquarium box set for Finding Nemo, but it seemed a bit overkill. Then I thought it would be better to keep the design similar to the already-released Pixar Blu-Ray films for a nice uniform look.

I thought the aquarium would still be a fun theme, so I applied that design to the standard Blu-Ray case.

How it works: The plastic case itself would be all clear plastic except for the top cap section. There would be an outer sleeve that is a clear cel, and would only have the title, green border, spine art, and back details (region info). Instead of a booklet, an inner clear cel sleeve would be used, and it would feature several characters. Finally the disc would feature some plant life and a few other characters.

The idea is to make this look like a frame of multi-plane cel animation, with all the different characters looking like they are floating in space.

Like other Disney Blu films, this would have a removable cardboard outer sleeve. The booklet could reside behind the discs for the most optimal appearance, though I don’t think this design needs a booklet – all the relevant info could be placed on the back or cardboard sleeve.

Finding Nemo has yet to be released on Blu-Ray, which is weird because the film holds the crown as the greatest-selling DVD of all time. I’d like to think this film would floor people in HD.

If you like this check out the Incredibles Blu-Ray design one from last year.

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