BTTF Auto-Lace Shoes

Nike MAG shoes

There has been much hoopla these past 24 hours regarding the announcement of Nike’s Air Mag shoe, which is an official Back to the Future licensed shoe. They are based on those futuristic ‘power-lace’ shoes Marty McFly wore in BTTF II. Read more about them here.

Sadly, the shoes do not feature power-laces, probably due to cost of motors needed to execute the lacing gimmick. This has soured some people on the product.

I’d like to propose an automatic lacing system that does not require any motors. How it works:

Gravity does the heavy lifting. Place your foot in the shoe, which presses down on a spring-loaded platform (the spring doubles as foot support!). The platform locks into a clip located by the back heel, allowing the shoe’s wearer to walk or run around without issue. The platform is connected to a bunch of drawstrings – the type you’d find in a hoodie or sweatpants – which fasten the ‘ankle belt’ snugly. The shoe basically fastens as you insert your foot.

Power Laces BTTF davesgeekyideas

Here is the best part: that clip is accessible from the back, so to get your foot out of the shoe you step on the clip with your other foot to release the platform. It is exactly like how you take your shoes off now, only this clip triggers the removal instead of the back of the heel.

The drawstrings would be embedded into the shoe lining, so it wouldn’t feel like stepping into a net.

15 thoughts on “BTTF Auto-Lace Shoes

    1. Thanks! I was always aware of her campaign. I was going to mention it here but didn’t want to appear as though I was anti-motor, or trying to draw comparisons. Just wanted to offer a motor-free approach.

      Blake is an extremely talented individual. I truly hope she releases a commercial version one day! I’d buy some.

  1. I’m down with either design, yours or hers. The singular problem with me and this website is…Well, I want to make the stuff, (Mainly the Superman Fortress Desk) and I lack the constructive abilities. But the lazy man in me would love to slink out of bed and into a pair of shoes that I don’t even have to lean over to adjust 🙂

  2. For Dave. Your idea has potential. Have you considered moving this auto locking strap secure over the top of the foot (where one normally ties the bow for shoes laces) instead of the focusing on the ankle strap? Looking at your animated design and I think that a foot strap would provide enough range of movement to allow someones foot to be inserted/removed as well as tighten down to secure it. This way the design is not limited to just high tops. Whilst I am a fan of the high top, I think the ankle strap could still use “velcro”.

    1. Yes, I can see this working for sneakers. The ‘ankle strap’ design was enlisted to mimic the BTTF shoes, but a standard shoe design could work.

      I’m not sure about your velcro comment – but anything manual like velcro or laces would nullify the ‘auto’ allure of these shoes.

  3. That’s a great idea! And it’s so simple and cost effective! I’m a huge fan of the Nike Mags And Back To The Future so I’d love to see this become reality! You should definitely present this to Nike. It would help the powerlace versions of the Mags for 2015 be more cheaper. Great job!

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