Good Will Hunting Painting Now Available

Good Will Hunting Painting

I still get e-mails from time to time asking where this can be purchased, so I decided to touch it up and upload it to Imageready, where you can buy it commission-free, at least until Miramax asks me to remove it (in a violent, yet critically-acclaimed fashion). Hit the link or the image to go to the store listing.

Recommend the smaller sizes for this print — 14″ x 11″ is close to the painting’s size from the film. Also because I suck at painting digitally, and a smaller print can hide that. I did my best (I painted the outer 30% all around), but it won’t hold up to close scrutiny. At a glance it bears a passing resemblance to what is seen in the film.

I did e-mail Miramax and alert them this was a popular item (I still get traffic hits daily for this painting, and it’s been up over a year or so), in hopes they could add it to their merchandise line. No response, of course, and that is to be expected. Just saying I tried!

One thing I don’t get, is when Will Hunting is describing this painting, he says “It’s also a Winslow Homer ripoff, except, uh, you got whitey rowin’ the boat there.” But you really cannot determine the race of the boat’s occupant at all, or even the gender. It could easily be Paddington Bear in that boat, navigating a harsh sea of marmalade. Doesn’t that thought just cheer you up??

Environmental Christmas Solution That Saves Trees And Reduces Wrapping Waste


Geeky Xmas Tree Idea

Lately I’ve noticed this print and ad campaign asking people to try and prevent waste caused by wrapping for holiday presents. I believe the motto is “Give Memories, Not Waste” or something like that. I can’t cite any stats, but we produce so much waste with all the wrapping and ribbons and bows and cards every year. A lot of waste for such temporary use.

So my solution is to create the means where people don’t have to use wrapping paper. This is a Christmas Tree shelf, which can store numerous presents behind curtains. You could toss the presents unwrapped behind the curtains (B.), or put the presents into burlap sacks and tie the drawstrings to the shelves, which would have wagon-wheel like spindles to tie to (A.).

To avert prying eyes it would be best to conceal presents in burlap, but you could also tie the curtains shut as well. You could also be a Grinch and use a locking system I suppose. I think a bunch of noisy bells could alert parents.

Basically this is merging the tree with stockings. It saves on wrapping and it saves trees. I believe this is much more practical and user-friendly than a pine tree (fake or real), especially when it comes to setup and tear-down.

Other features: This tree could feature built-in lights (C.) and maybe sound effects too. You could easily decorate this tree as well. The tree would revolve on a stand, allowing full 360-degree access to all the loot. This would be quick to set up and tear down, or you could remove all the Christmas-y stuff and have a nice shelf available year-round.

It would be much pricier than an artificial tree, especially with built-in lights and sounds. But think of all the money you’ll save for years, especially on wrapping paper.

One major flaw: this is much more friendly for cats, who love to climb curtains and attack tree ornaments. *sigh!*

Car Dealership Idea: Hot Wheels Sign

Car Dealership SIgn 2011 Hot Wheels Dave Delisle davesgeekyideas

If I were to open a car dealership the first order of business would be a sign, one that is essentially a giant Hot Wheels package containing an actual car.

Not only would it serve as eye-catching signage, but it would also serve to highlight a particular car – much like dealerships do when they place a single car on a ramp or display stand to make it stand out from the lot.

This sign would also illicit smiles from those who see it because it triggers feelings of nostalgia, particularly the experience of car shopping when you were a kid. Because back then all the cars were in card packages sitting on pegs.

This type of signage makes it clear the car is a purchase item, and also implies the car is really cool and fun to drive.

It would only work for car brands that had a few cool models in their lineup. Seeing a Mustang or Challenger enclosed in the sign is appropriate. A compact or a station wagon, not so much.

UPDATE (June 10th/2015): well this idea has since been used several times (2013 onwards), so you’re welcome, auto shows/auto dealers.

Hot Wheels Car Packaging Life Size

BTTF Auto-Lace Shoes

Power Laces BTTF davesgeekyideas

There has been much hoopla these past 24 hours regarding the announcement of Nike’s Air Mag shoe, which is an official Back to the Future licensed shoe. They are based on those futurustic ‘power-lace’ shoes Marty McFly wore in BTTF II. Read more about them here.

Sadly, the shoes do not feature power-laces, probably due to cost of motors needed to execute the lacing gimmick. This has soured some people on the product.

I’d like to propose an automatic lacing system that does not require any motors. How it works:

Gravity does the heavy lifting. Place your foot in the shoe, which presses down on a spring-loaded platform (the spring doubles as foot support!). The platform locks into a clip located by the back heel, allowing the shoe’s wearer to walk or run around without issue. The platform is connected to a bunch of drawstrings – the type you’d find in a hoodie or sweatpants – which fasten the ‘ankle belt’ snugly. The shoe basically fastens as you insert your foot.

Here is the best part: that clip is accessible from the back, so to get your foot out of the shoe you step on the clip with your other foot to release the platform. It is exactly like how you take your shoes off now, only this clip triggers the removal instead of the back of the heel.

The drawstrings would be embedded into the shoe lining, so it wouldn’t feel like stepping into a net.

Nintendo Wii U Makeover

Wii U Makeover 2011 Dave Delisle

To me the appearance of a game console is something of an art – well, a lost art. Console design has been languishing these past several years, as every console maker opts to release piano black or ivory white slabs that exclaim ‘adult contemporary’. Gone are the colorful palettes and unique designs that game consoles were once known for.

The Next Billion-Dollar Brand Label For Women!

Penelope Pussycat

So I have been thinking for months about how to use Pepé Le Pew, a favorite character of mine. I figured he’d make a cool aftershave or cologne bottle, and was about to make something along those lines when I remembered Penelope Pussycat, the hapless cat Pepé would pursue in all of his cartoons. She screams fashion, fragrance, and cosmetics.