Watch This! Part 2: Splinter Cell

Splinter Cell Watch 2011 Dave Delisle

UPDATE: So this is a thing now. Available with the European special editions of the upcoming Splinter Cell game. Original post as follows:

This watch is based on the night vision goggles worn by Sam Fisher. There could also be a red variant for the bad guys.


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  1. Do you sell those watches

  2. How did you make the pictures of the watches

  3. Cool well these ideas are incredible in fact i have a friend who loves final fantasy so ill tell him about this

  4. Could you design a fallout or bioshock watch? Just some of my favorites along with splintercell

  5. Hello! Just checking up on the whole watch idea but btw have you ever designed a watch that was actually created?

    • No, until my Assassin’s Creed mechanical box (see the home page right now), nothing I have designed has made it to production.

      Sorry my time is tight these days, but I’ll do what I can for a Bioshock watch soon.

  6. Everyone is tight bro I get ya

  7. Hello its been a while since i checked your website and im just asking for some updates

  8. Gah I want this so badly!! I wish a major company would pick this up (I’m thinking it would be a great addition to Casio’s G-Shock collection), but not mass produce it too much that you find them everywhere and on everyone, haha!

  9. Hey dude do u think u will ever make them as I would really like one 🙂

  10. Daniel fairbrass

    This watch looks so so cool I love to have this if u ever make it email me hope u do soon great idea

  11. I am heartbroken that these don’t actually exist.

  12. Daniel fairbrass

    I was gonna get this watch in the splinter cell blacklist ultimate edition but the 5th freedom edition is so much better ill get the watch on its own

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