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Death Star Slurpee Cup Star Wars

I’ll start things off with a bonus design I’ve been sitting on for a while: A Death Star-themed slurpee (slushee?) cup. It just has a single normal green straw that is held in place by the ‘green blast’ (from a fully-operational Death Star). It’s pretty much your normal dome-covered fountain cup. And now for some other news:

– A person who goes by SHIFT brought a design I made for a LEGO spice rack to life. It looks great! You can find full instructions to make one here. Thanks SHIFT!

ES Robbins made a prototype chair mat for that NHL ’94 design I made a few weeks back. It looks amazing! The post was updated with the picture. Still trying to figure out the logistics of making it available (requires custom art).

Ubisoft is offering a Sam Fisher digital watch (as a Collector’s Edition bonus item for Splinter Cell: Blacklist) which looks similar to one I designed a few years back. Very cool. European customers only (sadly).

80’s Tees is now offering T-Shirts based on my Direwolves hockey logo design. You can grab one here. Look for more of my T-Shirt designs from them in the near future.

– The Tardis hockey jersey is back this month. Head over to my other blog for details. I’ll also be doing hockey jersey giveaways every so often for my Facebook group, so join up!

And that concludes an interesting few weeks!


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  1. put some LEDs in the cup to light up the straw beams, and _sold!_

  2. Omigosh Death Star-themed slurpee cup?! can we be best friends?! hahaha

  3. YES!!!! The world needs this Slurpee Cup!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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