Washington DC Metro Map – Super Mario 3 Style


You can buy a high-res poster of this image here.

(UPDATE – August 6th 2014): The first leg of the Silver Line opened recently, and I had to make one correction (no rush service for the Silver Line east of Stadium-Armory), so I fixed that and also went ahead and gave the map a makeover. I wanted something a little less cluttered, with more emphasis on the station names.

The previous 2013 and 2018 maps have been retired, and going forward I’m just going to feature one version of the map (that features the completed Silver Line circa 2018) to keep things simple. 2018 will be here before you know it!

43 thoughts on “Washington DC Metro Map – Super Mario 3 Style

  1. Is there any way to purchase just a high-rez original image of this DC map? It’s amazing, and I wanna put it on a custom shower curtain!

  2. Philadelphia has a subway and an elevated subway it also connects to a Southern NJ line. It would work as a Super Mario map.

  3. Are you sure Boston wouldn’t work in this? Sure, the Green Line’s probably too complex once it splits outbound, but most official maps simplify that anyway.

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  5. Would you consider printing this on a clear shower curtain? I’m currently using one that is a map of the metro but it doesn’t have the Silver line.

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