Toronto TTC Subway/RT Map – Super Mario 3 Style

Toronto TTC Map by Dave's Geeky Ideas

You can buy a high-res poster of this map here.

UPDATE: In light of the TTC finalizing the names for the new extension, I have given the map an overhaul. Apologies to those who have purchased this previously, I thought the original map was future-proof!


32 thoughts on “Toronto TTC Subway/RT Map – Super Mario 3 Style

      1. A lot of the stations have GO. The map you based it off shows the train links (which also have buses). Stations like Yorkdale, York Mills, Finch, etc only have GO bus hubs. Just change the word “Go” to “Go Train Link” and you’re all set! 🙂 I wouldn’t try figuring out the Go Bus links, there are too many!

        Great map!

  1. Montreal would be great! Though I’m a Torontonian, I think Montreal’s system is much better! 🙂 This, and your previous work, is fantastic!

  2. This is truly fantastic! As a daily TTC user, I can definitely relate to the little turtle-guy chugging along on the lines 🙂

    +1 for the shower curtain version. Seriously.

    Small detail: the GO Train link on the East Danforth (green) line is at Main Street and not Woodbine. Which is too bad because it would mess up the nice alignment with the bushes and station name, but geography is a tough master 🙂

    Kudos all round.

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