Star Trek Clock

Star Trek Clock 2012

This would be a wall clock or a desk clock. I honestly wouldn’t know how to make this functional besides being a full LCD display. It’s those arrow indicators that might prove to be problematic in a mechanical clock.

For those who don’t know this is based on the medical panel from the original Star Trek series. It’s actually a pretty big monitor on the wall that towers over every patient. I wouldn’t want to replicate its size for this clock.

This reminds me of the Back To The Future alarm clock I designed from a few years back. Lots of information displayed at once (I hope it’s not information overload for some folks).

If you like this gadget you can bug Thinkgeek here. They absolutely love it when people bug them about me.

5 thoughts on “Star Trek Clock

  1. I think that if that design were used for a screen saver, or other computer program it would only be a matter of putting the LCD into a plastic case of that design or style.

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