Geek Bling Part 7: Spider-Man

Spider-Man Necklace Design 2012 Geek Bling Dave Delisle

This edition of Geek Bling features the friendly neighborhood webhead, who is no stranger to necklaces/chains, but for some reason no one has made the chain itself the web, at least in this obvious a fashion.

The design and pose is based on the 60’s cartoon, which has now been reduced to fodder for internet memes. I have a soft spot for the poorly-animated series, because I feel it was the first ever motion comic (and likely intended as such), not a traditionally animated cartoon.

Nearly had a few of my past Geek Bling designs made, which I would have made available here like I did my hockey jerseys. But alas, can’t seem to find a willing jewelry maker. Hopefully one day I can arrange something for interested people.


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  1. I hope you find someone to make them too. Very unusual and really fun.

  2. I would buy this in a hot webslinging second. So cool.

  3. totally do-able.. twine, heavy weighted test fishing line, even rubber cording would work as the “web chain”.. Did you ever find someone to make them?

  4. I wish this would be made. I was hoping for a great xmas gift for my girlfriend who just happens to love spider-man and geeky jewelry, this one definitely looked better than the other necklaces I saw!

  5. I want this right now.

  6. i REALLY want this to be made!

  7. Hopefully someone will step up and see that this gets made!

  8. I am soooo interested! Hope you can make em (:

  9. Stephanie Gray

    Has anyone been able to make this? I would like to purchase it as a Christmas gift.

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