Spider-Man Necklace

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This edition of Geek Bling features the friendly neighborhood webhead, who is no stranger to necklaces/chains, but for some reason no one has made the chain itself the web, at least in this obvious a fashion.

The design and pose is based on the 60’s cartoon, which has now been reduced to fodder for internet memes. I have a soft spot for the poorly-animated series, because I feel it was the first ever motion comic (and likely intended as such), not a traditionally animated cartoon.

Nearly had a few of my past Geek Bling designs made, which I would have made available here like I did my hockey jerseys. But alas, can’t seem to find a willing jewelry maker. Hopefully one day I can arrange something for interested people.

16 thoughts on “Spider-Man Necklace

    1. Not yet. I did contact the company that makes jewelry based on Marvel comics (“Marvel M” I think they are called) and submitted this design. They like it but I have no idea if they will proceed with it. I try not to bug companies too much.

      1. You are more than welcome to! Same goes for any other of my jewelry designs.

        Please send me pics of the finished items too! Would love to post them.

        Do you sell your work on Etsy?

  1. I wish this would be made. I was hoping for a great xmas gift for my girlfriend who just happens to love spider-man and geeky jewelry, this one definitely looked better than the other necklaces I saw!

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