Geeky Chair Mat: NHL ’94

NHL94 Chair Mat by Dave's Geeky Ideas

UPDATE: Want one? Head here for details. Original post as follows:

There are really no geeky chair mats available right now (I can’t find any), but if I had my way there would be one based on the star player icon from NHL ’94. This could also apply to other 16-bit sport series made by EA back in the day, like Madden or Bulls Vs. Lakers.

22 thoughts on “Geeky Chair Mat: NHL ’94

      1. I guess that makes sense seeing how this blog is called Daves geeky IDEAS!!! I should learn to read gooder 😉

  1. Reblogged this on Sons of Franky Cabot and commented:
    If this isn’t under my tree this year, I’m disowning Santa, reindeer, friends, relatives, wives and kids. And just in case you were wondering, aka “should” be wondering…I want Steve Larmer.

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