NHL ’94 Chair Mat


There are really no geeky chair mats available right now (I can’t find any), but if I had my way there would be one based on the star player icon from NHL ’94. This could also apply to other 16-bit sport series made by EA back in the day, like Madden or Bulls Vs. Lakers.

In a span of 8 years, close to a hundred people had these custom made (with a little art help from me). Unfortunately there are no vendors that can make one-off custom chair mats at the moment, so these can’t be made for the foreseeable future.

Cliff Ronning showed off this mat (owned by sports writer Harrison Mooney). The only time a Vancouver Canuck will be featured in this blog:


Later mats improved in quality, such as printing right to the edge and better color contrast. They were decent for the price (about $100US). Again it’s too bad they can no longer be made!

22 thoughts on “NHL ’94 Chair Mat

      1. I guess that makes sense seeing how this blog is called Daves geeky IDEAS!!! I should learn to read gooder 😉

  1. This would go great with my SNES jersey you designed and released, that I got customized with “NHL 94” for name/number =).

  2. Reblogged this on Sons of Franky Cabot and commented:
    If this isn’t under my tree this year, I’m disowning Santa, reindeer, friends, relatives, wives and kids. And just in case you were wondering, aka “should” be wondering…I want Steve Larmer.

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