Gearhead Bedroom Design

Hydraulic Car Lift bed by Dave's Geeky Ideas

Not exactly geeky (but could be given the Speed Racer or Megas XLR treatment), these designs are more for the gearheads. The bed frame is based on a car lift; the dresser is based on a tool drawer; and finally a light that is based on the one mechanics use to look underneath cars with (well, it could be the exact same light to be honest). You could even park a car-shaped bed on the lift.

4 thoughts on “Gearhead Bedroom Design

  1. I would like to see a Star Wars bedroom. You know, light sabers, death star as a lamp, a bed in shape of Millenium Falcon etc 🙂 That would be some cool stuff. Star Trek would also be a nice theme. Alarm with a sounds of warp 9 🙂

  2. Seriously want this for my son! He is 5 and even drew me a picture of the lift for his garage themed room he wants

  3. Is this bed available? Could it be made to actually lift so that a trundle bed could be underneath? I really want it for my grandson

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