Back to the Future Alarm Clock

Time Coordinates Alarm Clock

I designed this BTTF alarm clock based on the Time Coordinates display from the Delorean. I included an iPod cable made of rope light in the original design (see below), but removed it so you can see a standalone clock (above).

BTTF Alarm Clock



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  1. I emailed ThinkGeek because this is a great idea! I want one really badly!!

  2. My hubby would go crazy for this! You should also include a feature that the Back to the future music can be set for your alarm! (Theme tune or the opening song to 1st one!) That would just be wicked, and one of a kind!! (I think)

  3. Great idea, an insta-buy for me if reasonably priced. Good work.

  4. Sweet! I think I’ll send an email to thinkgeek as well.

  5. wow ik wil er ook zo een ik woon in nederland vind het cool
    waar kan zo ding kopen?

  6. How can i get one please?

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