Portal Turrets Music Speakers

Portal Speakers

Forget the weighted companion cube! That is so 2007. What I would like on my desk in some form is the charming-yet-extremely-dangerous Turret from the Portal games.

And because these robotic drones have taken on a more, uh, musical role in the recent Portal 2 sequel, why not turn them into a set of music speakers?

They’d be fine as a static set of speakers, but if possible they could include their ‘dancing’ animations from the game. But only if their movements were quiet – the noise of motors whirring on my desk would get old quick.

This is sort of similar, but I saw this video yesterday featuring a real product. A plush toy that ‘lip syncs’ to a music source (like an iPod). However it was employed to act as a speaker phone in this scene from the TV show The Good Wife:

I thought that was hilarious. Though I doubt the toy was that perfectly quiet (I could be wrong). You can read more about these plush toys (available in many different animal types) here.

And if you’d like Thinkgeek to make these Portal Turrets, you can bug them here. Just email them a link to this post, and tell them you want this. Your endorsement is much appreciated.

2 thoughts on “Portal Turrets Music Speakers

  1. When I saw the turret singing easter egg, I thought an audio visualizer would be awesome. This is equally awesome.

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