BTTF Time Circuits Alarm Clock

BTTF Time Circuits Alarm Clock design by Dave Delisle

This again? Yes I posted a design 8 years ago, and it got some traction with fans. I’m now sharing this version of the concept because there have been a few close calls in making it an actual product, but one of the biggest hurdles was the cost to manufacture this.

To make a replica Time Circuits display you need 15 digital displays, 10 LED lights, plus all the wiring and hardware to make it function.

What I am now proposing is an LCD screen alarm clock (like this one), that is overlaid by a molded Time Circuits cover.

BTTF Time Circuits Alarm Clock design by Dave Delisle

Embedded in the cover are 10 clear plastic bubbles to replicate the LED lights.

This would need an external sensor for weather and temperature readings, like that alarm clock I linked to above. Seeing as the price for that clock was $40, a BTTF licensed version could be sold for well under $100, which I think most fans would go for. A Time Circuits clock with numerous digital displays and LEDs would’ve made this thing cost over $100 easily.

3 thoughts on “BTTF Time Circuits Alarm Clock

  1. Hello,
    I live in Belgium and look for this alarm clock.
    How can i do to find (buy) one.
    Do you have a link?
    Thank you

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