Cobra HISS Tank Tiny House

Cobra Hiss Tank Tiny House design by Dave Delisle

This is the last Tiny House design, I promise. I realized that people with the means to build an elaborate geeky-themed tiny house probably wouldn’t seek out this frugal way of life to begin with. So I’ll close out the series with this Cobra H.I.S.S. Tank design.

The bedroom is in the cockpit, the entrance is in the back, and lastly the turret gun has a range of 400 meters. Obviously the turret is just for show, but if it did work it couldn’t hit any targets because this is Cobra we are talking about.

Cobra Hiss Tank Tiny House design by Dave Delisle

I wanted a sliding cover to conceal the bedroom window for privacy. This design feature killed access to the turret. If you would prefer to man the guns, the sliding cover would need to be axed. The tank treads feature storage for bicycles, barbecues, patio furniture, and whatever else you can fit inside.

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