Star Wars Tiny House


I had a bunch of Tiny House designs ready to go when I posted that Ghostbusters one a few years back, I just simply forgot about them until now. Here is the second Tiny Home design: the Sandcrawler from Star Wars.

It features rust-colored one-way glass, a color that is similar to the glass on theĀ Suncor Energy Centre in Calgary. I don’t know if this much glass is structurally feasible for a Tiny House, I just hope the look of the “hidden” glass is passable for Star Wars fans.

Jawa Doorway Sandcrawler by Dave Delisle

It features a drawbridge entry with a familiar-looking door. The entrance could be sunken in some more if you want a front deck. The tank treads are decorative, and are meant to conceal the cinder blocks (or whatever is used to prop up the house when it is parked).

I’d like to put the bed on a loft above the doorway, it would make for a nice view in all directions. You could probably hide water or fuel tanks in R2 units outside the home. This house would look cool in a sandy place like Nevada or Arizona!

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