Marvel Studios Blu-Ray Player

Marvel Studios Blu-Ray Player Design by Dave Delisle

RGB lighting is all the rage these days, so I applied these lights to your everyday Blu-Ray player. In this case it is a Marvel-themed player that is programmed to recognize and react to all Marvel movies.

You pop in a Marvel Blu-Ray disc and the player puts on a light show tied to characters, objects, or specific events that happen in the movie. The above color scheme would occur when all six Infinity Stones are on screen. You could see Arc Reactor Blue during Iron Man movies,  Lightning Yellow during Thor, and of course when the Hulk appears:


This design was inspired by the opening fanfare seen in Marvel films these days. The top of the player has a recessed Marvel logo, which is back-lit by RGB LED lights.

Such a player would need to be programmed to react to all existing Marvel movies that are already on the market. Newer film releases would be encoded with their own light sequences.

Initially I dreamed up a standalone device that would sit in front of your TV and “listen” for Marvel movies to be played but that may be hit-or-miss to get working right. A device that interacts with movies directly, like a Blu-Ray player, is the best bet in my opinion.

Because there are so many Marvel movies I could see this being worthwhile for many fans. It certainly would be cheaper than a Phase 1 or Phase 2 Blu-Ray box set, that’s for sure.

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