Office Space Desk Lamp

Office Space Red Stapler Swingline desk lamp design by Dave Delisle

Used to own one of these red Swingline staplers, it looked cool on the desk but I never used it so I donated it to a thrift store when I moved a few years ago. Now if it had the everyday functionality of a lamp, I probably would’ve kept it.Office Space Red Stapler Swingline desk lamp design by Dave Delisle

Really simple design, it unfolds from a stapler to become a lamp. There’s no way it can retain stapler functionality due to the internal electrical wiring, but perhaps a solution could be found by people smarter than me (Edit: a “staperless” staple could be added, a suggestion from a reader).

The ‘staple bender’ thingy in the base is a touch sensor to operate the lamp. There’s no power cable here because I make my designs look like actual product listings, and those usually omit cables for presentation.

It’s pretty much a decorative paper weight when in stapler mode, but this allows for a compact lamp that can be transported easily, if for some reason you need a portable lamp. If I owned this it would probably be left in lamp mode permanently.

One thought on “Office Space Desk Lamp

  1. I think that you could still add staple functionality by moving the light bulb to the mid of the top area and replacing the full size staple holding rail with one from a mini stapler…then secure it to the end of the top.

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