Guardians Of The Galaxy Cassette Player Papercraft

Guardians Of The Galaxy Cassette Papercraft

Here is fun and simple papercraft project for GOTG fans: the cassette player from the film. This isn’t the walkman Peter Quill carries, rather the deck that is embedded into the wall of his ship, and is featured as the soundtrack cover.

I designed this to be life-size and to hang anywhere like a clock. Here it is by my desk:

Guardians Of The Galaxy Cassette Papercraft

Initially this was more ambitious — the player had extruded buttons and a more detailed cassette, but I decided to keep it simple so kids can take a crack at this (you just need scissors and tape). It does feature a removable cassette if that’s any consolation.

After the jump you’ll find the templates and directions.

Audio Controls For Internet Browser Tabs

Chrome Audio Tabs

UPDATE (Feb 11/2014): Looks like Chrome now has this feature. Not sure about other browsers though. Original post as follows:

It happens to everyone. You’re surfing the web and you have several pages open when SUDDENLY a loud autoplay ad starts up; it’s invasive and you’re scrambling to find it and shut it down. Another scenario is when you accidentally hover over an ad and you are bombarded with sound, and you cannot mute or lower the volume. Drives me crazy.

Home Dock For Car Stereo Faceplates

Home Dock for Car Stereo Faceplates by Dave's Geeky Ideas

Once upon a time I carried around a car stereo faceplate when I wasn’t on the road. I often thought, wouldn’t it be nice to have a home stereo system where I can attach the faceplate to? Now that we live in an era where many people dock their phones and iPods while at home, this idea doesn’t seem so far-fetched.

Unfortunately there are no universal connectors for faceplates, so a home dock would need to be tailor made for a specific brand (Alpine, Bose, Sony, etc.). Despite that drawback, this is an untapped market in my opinion.

K.I.T.T. Car Stereo Deck

KITT Car Stereo Deck by Dave's Geeky Ideas

Every once in awhile I’ll post a design that strikes me as a no-brainer, like this or this. I’m very surprised there hasn’t been any K.I.T.T. car stereo decks made commercially or as fanmade/homebrew projects even.

This design would be encapsulating the K.I.T.T. dashboard into a stereo deck which would feature its namesake as a music visualizer – pretty straightforward. Originally I had a normal volume dial, but for fun I used the steering wheel instead, something that wouldn’t be too practical for an actual stereo deck.

Just like the last stereo deck I designed, this design discards the CD slot on the front, so if you want to load a disc the face will have to flip down (if CD capability were included to begin with).

One touch I’d like to include are voice greetings from K.I.T.T. when powering on and off the stereo (“Hello, Michael.”), and the Knight Rider theme on command.

Spy Hunter Car Stereo Deck

Spy Hunter Car Stereo Deck by Dave's Geeky Ideas

I thought I’d address the complete lack of geeky car stereo decks with this Spy Hunter design. For the most part it would be your standard stereo, save for a neat cosmetic touch: the back-lit weapons dash that adorned the original arcade cabinet.

These five icons would randomly illuminate (at a slow non-distracting rate) for a bit of a light show. Other touches include 3 buttons found on the steering wheel of the arcade cabinet: the ‘Source’ button disguised as the Weapons Van button, and the play/stop buttons use the same red push-buttons used to fire weapons.

Not only would this deck help recreate the feel of playing the arcade game while behind the wheel of your car, but also grant you delusions of being a badass spy (even if you’re driving a station wagon).


You can check out the arcade cabinet in-depth here. This design was based on this Alpine model. The icons would not allow for a CD slot on the face, so if you want CD functionality you would need to pop the face down to load discs. I suppose you could program this sucker to play the Peter Gun Theme upon start-up. Sound effects from the game could be enlisted for button presses.

Smart Headset Stand

Headphone Cradle Speaker 2012 Dave Delisle

Apologies if this idea does exist. I can’t seem to find anything like this, so feel free to let me know The Simpsons did it.

Basically this is a headset stand with a built-in speaker. It can smartly switch between the headset and the speaker(s) for the audio, because there is a button in the ‘cradle’ where the headset is placed when not in use.

So if you’re listening to your headset and you’re interrupted by someone who wants to gab (they always wait until you put your headset on – this is a fact), you can place the headset on the stand and the music automatically emits from the speaker. Remove the headset, and the speakers mute and your headset carries the audio feed exclusively.

So not only is it a handy place to park your headset, this automatic functionality helps avoid those involuntary lapses of silence*.

There are plenty of cool-looking headset stands available, but prime desk real estate  demands more functionality from such an item, in my opinion.

You could also set it to power-off your audio system when you place the headset in the cradle. This could double as a charging station for a wireless headset, can include an iPod dock, USB hub, electric can opener, etc. I just wanted to address this one feature.

*That never-ending cycle when you turn off your music for some interruption, then resume working only to realize a few hours later it is quiet and then you turn the music back on. Admit it, you do this 3 or 4 times a day.

Earbud Ideas


Earbud Ideas

1. Built-in speakers. You can take off your earbuds and switch these speakers on. Handy for times when you want tunes, but cannot wear earbuds (like talking with your buds).

2. A built-in jack. This way you can plug your MP3 player directly into an AUX port, without having to switch to another cord entirely. This would flip out of one of the earbuds like a switchblade.

3. Visualizer. Okay this one is entirely cosmetic, but I always liked the idea of a visualizer on the earbuds or the MP3 player itself. Sure it’s a bit Lady Gaga, but it looks cool.

4. A spare jack port for sharing the audio feed. Sure it seldom ever happens, but this would be nice feature that would allow a friend to listen in. Handy for when you want to a share a film on a long flight. You could buy one of those splitters, but they are never around when you need one.