Instrument Panel Car Stereo Deck


Whether it’s factory or aftermarket car stereos, I don’t think anyone has attempted to create a stereo that looks like a car’s instrument panel (the gauges behind the steering wheel). I could be wrong, if I am let me know in the comments.

This design features a single LCD screen behind three openings (kinda like this). Those silver “rims” are actually knobs for adjusting the volume, tuning for radio stations, or to skip music.

Additional displays could be used for a clock or an equalizer (would be a bouncing needle). If this was a taller stereo, like those found in GM cars, a lot more stuff could be squeezed in.

The best approach would be if automakers custom-made these decks for their cars, to match the vehicle’s style of instrument panel.

If you like this be sure to check out my other stereo deck designs.

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