Home Dock For Car Stereo Faceplates

Home dock for car stereo faceplates by Dave Delisle davesgeekyideas

Once upon a time I carried around a car stereo faceplate when I wasn’t on the road. I often thought, wouldn’t it be nice to have a home stereo system where I can attach the faceplate to? Now that we live in an era where many people dock their phones and iPods while at home, this idea doesn’t seem so far-fetched.

Unfortunately there are no universal connectors for faceplates, so a home dock would need to be tailor made for a specific brand (Alpine, Bose, Sony, etc.). Despite that drawback, this is an untapped market in my opinion.

One thought on “Home Dock For Car Stereo Faceplates

  1. This is a EXCELLENT IDEA, why don’t you try to market this with Kenwood, Alpine, Pioneer or Sony for that matter. Copyright this product and get with Universal Studios. Make sure it can support and play CD’s, it has to have all the Knight Rider theme phrases with an optional button PLUS it has to have the original kitt voice by William Daniels. It definitely has to have the scanner sound the swoosh plus the light that goes from left to right a few times when the radio is turned on.

    Make the radio has the opening theme phrase when the radio is turned on ” I am the voice of knight industries 2000, also make it have the phrase ” what would you like to hear” then it automatically goes to radio or cd which ever it is on. Knight Riders fans will definitely buy this radio but please try not to make it the radio not that expensive. Also have it where anybody can put their name and kitt will say their name when the radio is turned on. The radio has to have Bluetooth, HD ready and audio outputs. Good luck with this idea.

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