A Coffee Mug That Looks Like A Coffee Pot


Here is a simple novelty idea: a coffee mug that looks like a miniature coffee pot. Inspired by those many times where I’m tempted to drink directly from the pot (co-workers be damned) during those moments of weakness. But mostly I just like the idea of carrying around a small coffee pot to flaunt my caffeine addiction.

I’ve looked high and low for something like this. If I missed it please leave a note in the comments, because I really wouldn’t mind owning a few.

June 12th 2019 UPDATE: Looks like one was released on Amazon, sometime in 2018?

3 thoughts on “A Coffee Mug That Looks Like A Coffee Pot

  1. Please make this. You will be wealthy beyond the dreams of avarice. (And it can’t be that hard to produce…)

  2. Two suggestions for usability – the lip and the smaller rim are going to lead to spills everywhere. I’d suggest that the lip be rounded off inside, so it’s solid glass/pyrex/etc rather than the more traditional open lip.

    You’ve modelled it as a two-wall (insulated) glass, but the render looks as though the inner wall follows the contours of the outer rather than being straight-sided and having the ferrule ring be the narrowest gap between the sides. That in itself has issues with conductivity and structural strength, but I’d suggest it’s better than the alternative which would lead to spills.

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