iTunes Bluetooth Speaker


Apple is currently in the middle of killing iTunes, thought I’d commemorate this grim occasion by putting together a Bluetooth speaker design. I felt reincarnating iTunes in the form of a jukebox would be appropriate.

This is a small portable speaker, but it could also be enlarged to an amplifier or an actual jukebox. The buttons and layout hearken back to a late 2000’s version of iTunes.

The header illuminates and can behave like a music visualizer. The red, yellow, and green lights denote power and syncing-in-progress. All pretty standard fare for a Bluetooth Speaker.

Of course I have to be wacky and add some nonsense! Behold:


The outer casing slides up to become a handle. The header light can become a lantern! Just silliness. If I worked at Apple and pitched this, they would escort me from the premises immediately.

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