Autobot Blaster Mini Bookshelf Stereo System


A few years ago they released an MP3 player based on Soundwave, but personally I wish they offered a stereo system based on his Autobot counterpart, Blaster. He would just look at home on the bookshelf or entertainment unit.

The only fancy thing I did was to embed a display in the negative space of the carrying handle.

6 thoughts on “Autobot Blaster Mini Bookshelf Stereo System

    1. Apologies, this is just a concept. It’s a 3D model, not an actual prototype.

      You can help by emailing Thinkgeek a link to this post and requesting that they make one. They take gadget idea submissions here:

      That’s about your best shot of making this a reality, unless Denon, Sony, or another stereo company see the opportunity and pursue this.

      I’m glad you like it. I want one too, like, NOW!

  1. Beautiful design. Great concept. Would love to see something like this made a reality. I’d definitely get one. Preferable from a decent manufacturer but regardless of who makes would probably still be interested. Sent thinkgeek an email. Heh. Just had to. Never hurts to ask right. Keep up the good work.

  2. Can you make a 3D model of a Soundwave stereo? I know he is actually a tape deck but I am 100% of a Decepticon fan and Soundwave is my favorite Transformer.

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