The Princess Bride Blu-Ray And Book

Princess Bride book blu-ray design 2011 dave delisle davesgeekyideas

A really basic design, a blu-ray and book combo where the book closely resembles the one being read by Peter Falk in the movie. I approximated the book cover and made it look brand new instead of old and worn.


In the front flap a disc for the movie is stored. I suppose another disc could be held in the back flap if warranted for Special Features.

UPDATE (Sept 1st 2018): Criterion recently announced their 4K release for the Princess Bride that will be in a book cover. It’s gorgeous, as all Criterion stuff is, but I would’ve liked if they went for a screen-accurate version.


6 thoughts on “The Princess Bride Blu-Ray And Book

  1. I really like this idea. Did you actually make this, or is this just an idea? I am also trying to make a replica of the book Grandfather held, and am trying to figure out how to to it. It is for my wedding. I would love to use your great design for it. Is it available anywhere?

    Good job!

    1. Sorry it’s just a CG concept. I’d love to be able to make an embossed hardcover book like this.

      Your best bet would be to find a copy of the actual book, and take it to a book bindery/repair store that can retrofit it with a custom cover. Amazon is your best bet for a copy of the book.

      My design isn’t available, though I have the art for it (the cover was made in 2D texture) kicking around somewhere.

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