The Princess Bride Blu-Ray + Book

Princess Bride Blu-Ray Book Combo

The goal for this Blu-Ray design was to create a carbon copy of the book held by Peter Falk (who played the Grandfather/narrator) in the film The Princess Bride. Not only would this Blu-Ray case appear just like the prop in the film, but it would also include the classic book the film is based on.

Not only do you get a great film, but also the ability to be Peter Falk and read this to your rugrats if you so choose. It’s a rather novel package, ha-ha. Moving on.

Princess Bride Blu-Ray Book Combo

Unfortunately, I could not see the cover art from the book used in the film. All I could gleam was one person clad in white, another in black. The two are framed in a nice fancy border, the book is a greenish brown. So I decided to use some artistic license for the cover.

Princess Bride Blu-Ray Book Combo

I haven’t read the book myself, but from what Wikipedia has described William Goldman has added additional content to the book in the form of an epilogue which sets the foundation for a sequel. This expands on the original story which was adapted for the film, making the book the definitive special feature for this film. Or you could say the film is the special feature for the book.

Princess Bride Blu-Ray Book Combo



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  1. I really like this idea. Did you actually make this, or is this just an idea? I am also trying to make a replica of the book Grandfather held, and am trying to figure out how to to it. It is for my wedding. I would love to use your great design for it. Is it available anywhere?

    Good job!

    • Sorry it’s just a CG concept. I’d love to be able to make an embossed hardcover book like this.

      Your best bet would be to find a copy of the actual book, and take it to a book bindery/repair store that can retrofit it with a custom cover. Amazon is your best bet for a copy of the book.

      My design isn’t available, though I have the art for it (the cover was made in 2D texture) kicking around somewhere.

  2. Where can I get one of these?

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