Rushmore Blu-Ray Case

Rushmore Blu-Ray case design by davesgeekyideas

Given the opportunity to make a special edition for this film, I would make a ‘Max Fischer Yearbook Edition’, which would copy the book seen early in the film.

This is a similar design to the Princess Bride book + Blu-Ray combo from a few months back, but I added a slipcase to it. Seeing as this addition is a sort of jacket, I made it look like a Rushmore-crested jacket from the film.

Rushmore Blu-Ray case design by davesgeekyideas

The yearbook would feature as much material shown in the montage from early in the film, depicting all the clubs Max Fischer has founded or is a member of. That would be hilarious to look over.

This excellent film has already been released on Blu-Ray by Criterion, which makes it a must-have. I love the design of that release, and included the cover art on the disc above.

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