Breaking Bad Blu-Ray Case

Breaking Bad Blue Crystal Persuasion DVD Blu-Ray 2011 Dave Delisle

Breaking Bad has been my favorite drama these past 4 years. I happened to stumble upon the debut episode during the scene where Walter White takes down the bullies in the clothing store, and I’ve been hooked ever since.

I’ve yet to feature the show in this blog, despite all my brainstorming*. Probably because the show has evolved so much, and is difficult to pin down in terms of iconic imagery.

One thing that has stayed the same is the blue…um, product. Look I’m trying to keep this blog rated G. The last Blu-Ray design was Finding Nemo. Gimme a break! EDIT: The last one was actually Rushmore, which is a Disney production. Really.

This is a standard Tin or Steelbook case design, with the front face removed and replaced with shattered-looking blue plastic. The overall effect is to make this look like a baking tray filled with smashed blue….product.

Breaking Bad Blue Crystal Persuasion DVD Blu-Ray 2011 Dave Delisle

The shatter theme reflects the name of the show, and is also representative of the depicted violence and destruction – the show’s calling card. It works perfectly for Blu-Ray because of the blue scheme.

I usually do designs for complete series or box sets, however this one is ideal for a single season given the thin design. A box set for these would look like a an upright trolley on wheels that stores 5 of these baking trays, much like you’d see in a bakery (and was used in the show).

I have other ideas for a complete series and may post them soon, but I am leaning towards waiting until the conclusion of Season 5 next year – or more likely in 2013.

*Battlestar Galactica is another show that continues to vex me. Darn you, BSG!

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