Breaking Bad Collection Blu-Ray Case

Breaking Bad blu-ray case vamonos pest by Dave Delisle

The easiest cases for me to design are based on actual cases. So when I saw that ‘Vamonos Pest’ stage case roll by a few episodes ago, I knew it would be perfect for a collection. 

Breaking Bad Vamonos Pest Blu-Ray Case

The dimensions of the real-life stage case are quite ideal for a box set. This design is a bit wider to help contain all five sets. I believe it would fit amongst your Blu-Ray library seamlessly, if the individual cases were a bit shorter than normal Blu-Ray cases.

There are only 2 working latches on the sides to open and lock the case. The rest of the small latches are for show. This creates only two halves of the case, instead of the actual 3 or 4 sections the real stage case uses.

Breaking Bad Vamonos Pest Blu-Ray Case

Every season case is loaded with imagery from its respective season. As much as I like uniform sets, it was fun to play with the imagery the show has imparted during its memorable run.

A completely optional feature are stowaway wheels beneath the case. The wheels make the case authentic to the show, but aren’t necessary in my opinion:

Vamonos Pest Case

We won’t see a Breaking Bad Complete Series release until Winter 2013. The fifth and final season just started, and won’t finish airing until next summer (season 5 is comprised of two 8-episode halves). This design is very early, but looking back I can’t think of a better candidate than this stage case. Yes a case based on the RV might be cool, though somewhat over-the-top. I’m often told my vehicle-based cases are too astronomically expensive to manufacture.

UPDATE: Here is the cover art. I went a little overboard for season 5, as it goes with the case somewhat.

Breaking Bad Vamonos Pest Blu-Ray Case

*As far as I know Criterion doesn’t release TV shows. But if they did, Breaking Bad would be eligible (along with contemporaries The Wire, The Sopranos, and Game Of Thrones for sure).

32 thoughts on “Breaking Bad Collection Blu-Ray Case

    1. I added the cover art so now you can fully see it. Season 3 was tough, it could easily be another Los Pollos Hermanos case (season 4). Went with the infamous bottle episode mascot instead.

  1. As far as I know, the only TV shows Criterion has released are Tanner ’88, Fishing With John, and most recently, Fanny and Alexander. There may be more, but they’re all miniseries, so this probably wouldn’t happen. I don’t think they’d go for such high-profile shows, though, and I don’t think Sony would let such a cash cow get away from them. Maybe in twenty years. 🙂

    The only design I’m not thrilled with is Season 4, since it’s essentially a copy/paste of a logo, and doesn’t match the motif of the rest of the sets. Otherwise, great job! Love the idea of a Vamanos Pest case, especially.

  2. Love the thought of the boxset as well as the many other sets you have done. Any chance for Printable copies of the Season artwork? I would really like to replace the ones that came with my blurays.

  3. LOVE this idea for a complete series set. From the case to the inside art, everything about it is just TOP NOTCH! I would only make one minor adjustment in the inner art however, from the fly, or perhaps also incorporating it, for the third season, but adding “The Brothers”, or maybe the skull tips on the boots or some other identifying mark associated with the “Brothers Hitmen”. Other than that, I really think that AMC and Vince Gilligan should, at the very least, be shown these ideas of yours as possible ways to put together a collectors edition set. However, if I had my druthers, this would be the released edition. GREAT WORK!

  4. You really should just manufacture and sell these boxsets via Kickstartr or something (without the Blurays/DVD’s of course) for those people who bought all 5 seasons individually. I would think that it’s only a licensing issue, and if you informed the studios/producers, they might be pretty cool with the idea. Anyway, great work!!!

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