Second Dark Knight Trilogy Blu-Ray Case

Dark Knight blu-ray case by Dave's Geeky Ideas

This is the second Blu-Ray case design I’ve done for the Dark Knight trilogy, the first one (posted way back in early 2011) was based on the Tumbler Batmobile. After seeing the costume display case in the Dark Knight Rises, I thought I’d attempt another one.

Dark Knight Rises Blu-Ray Case by Dave's Geeky Ideas

I tinted the glass blue here so you can see it better. It has two compartments: one for the batsuit figurine, another for a large blu-ray case (big enough for 3+ discs). This box set would fit in nicely with a library of movies on the shelf. And yes, the suit does look weird without a cape but that’s how it appeared in the film.



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  1. The design looks awesome!! Will you be actually selling it?? I want one! I still dont have any of the movies and would like to buy something like this.

  2. If they did it so that the Batsuit was in the 6 inch scale (similar to the Movie Masters line of figures) you’d certainly get a lot of interest from action figure collectors wanting to add that to their figure displays – would be a nice bit of extra crossover appeal and utility for the case, especially if it had the standard non-collector thick multi-pack for the discs themselves to be kept in.

    • Good to know! I chose the smaller scale so the case can fit in nicely with the rest of the Blu-Ray library. A bigger case wouldn’t be a deal-breaker at all I imagine.

  3. If I’m WB I’m hiring you! Well done Dave!

  4. You should make half the figure the suit from Batman Begins, I know it would be a bit hard but it would look pretty cool

    Plus I only see a slot for TDKR can you post photos of the side and back please

    Thanks and you did a great job Dave!

    • It’s a large thick box that encompasses all three titles (see the spine?). Not going to make a Begins suit, sorry. This is authentic to what was seen in Rises. I might add renders later but the idea comes across just fine currently.

  5. That’s just awesome! I hope to god they make a special edition case as awesome as this. As a very, very, VERY big Batman fan that I am, I GOT to have that day one! But really, I they’d sell one of your works I would go trough hell to get! 😀 Nice job indeed!

  6. Like they said on the web”Shut up and take my money” great job.

  7. Totally awesome bro, you’re very talented. I would totally want one for me collection 😉

  8. You should DEFINITELY try to email this to someone who would be in charge of making it once The Dark Knight Rises is actually released. Do you know how many people would buy this? It’s amazing.

  9. That design is amazing! Good Job :o)

  10. You should contact Bruce Timm on the animated boxset!!

  11. Awesome i thought that was real, Please build it, i want one of that, you should sell it.

  12. Love it, want it. Awesome work!

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