Geeky Fashion Part 1: Nintendo Shoes

Geeky Shoe Designs

Besides hockey jerseys, I don’t delve too much into geeky fashion here at DGI. Mostly because I have zero fashion sense. Also because any fool can create geeky T-shirts. For this series I will focus on other forms of apparel, like shoes, pants, belts, backpacks, etc. Consider this a followup to the Geek Bling series.

First up we have this very simple NES Controller shoe. The laces double as the controller cord, making it look like a gamepad is strewn about on your foot. I don’t recall seeing any designs that incorporate laces into the theme of a shoe, but it seems so appropriate here. This design can be applied to many other consoles (Sega, Atari – anything with a wired controller).

Simple is a word I’ll be using often for these fashion designs, because I genuinely want people to wear these. Currently you can buy Nintendo-themed shoes which are decked-out in NES and Super Mario imagery, and they look cool for display. Would you actually wear them? Maybe the odd time. I want to design geeky fashion anyone could wear anytime.

BONUS IDEA: Now that I think of it, there is probably a market for small replica game controllers you can affix to your shoe laces. It’s a worthwhile alternative, as it allows you to geek-up any shoes you want.

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