Car Dealership Idea: Hot Wheels Sign

Car Dealership SIgn 2011 Hot Wheels Dave Delisle davesgeekyideas

If I were to open a car dealership the first order of business would be a sign, one that is essentially a giant Hot Wheels package containing an actual car.

Not only would it serve as eye-catching signage, but it would also serve to highlight a particular car – much like dealerships do when they place a single car on a ramp or display stand to make it stand out from the lot.

This sign would also illicit smiles from those who see it because it triggers feelings of nostalgia, particularly the experience of car shopping when you were a kid. Because back then all the cars were in card packages sitting on pegs.

This type of signage makes it clear the car is a purchase item, and also implies the car is really cool and fun to drive.

It would only work for car brands that had a few cool models in their lineup. Seeing a Mustang or Challenger enclosed in the sign is appropriate. A compact or a station wagon, not so much.

UPDATE (June 10th/2015): well this idea has since been used several times (2013 onwards), so you’re welcome, auto shows/auto dealers.

Hot Wheels Car Packaging Life Size

8 thoughts on “Car Dealership Idea: Hot Wheels Sign

  1. that is a sweet commercial.
    may I suggest cutting a window out of your sign so the featured vehicle can be seen from both sides? or would you put one on each side of the ‘card?”

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