Star Wars Blu-Ray Case

R2D2 Star Wars Blu-Ray DVD Case 2011 Dave Delisle

This is a really basic design: R2D2’s body is essentially a canister of Blu-Ray discs (approximately a dozen discs). Each disc is accessible via an extending drawer:

Star Wars blu-ray case by davesgeekyideas

Each drawer is manually opened. To ensure the disc is fully clear of R2’s body the drawers would telescope (almost like extending the dinner table to add a center cross piece).


This case would be on the bigger side: about 7″ wide and 9 – 10″ tall. Given its size I feel it has room for lights and sounds, which I’m sure most fans would love. This Astromech Droid would make for a nice display piece on anyone’s shelf.

8 thoughts on “Star Wars Blu-Ray Case

    1. I wish I had an answer for you. I’d have so many things made!

      I did recently see a piggy bank R2D2 that is the perfect size. I am tempted to cut it up and make my own.

  1. It could be a blu-ray player. There’s enough space to put lots of electronics inside… And would look awesome watching you while you’re watching the movie.
    Oh, and the “eye” could be the IR receiver for the remote or the power button.

    1. There is already an R2D2 DVD player (not sure if they released an upgraded Blu-Ray version), which is also a projector via the eye. The Millennium Falcon was the remote. A very cool product!

  2. Along the same lines, There is A Fully Functioning Dvd player that’s completely hidden inside of a “Terminator” Endoskeleton Head/Skull!!! Super cool with bright red working eyes and everything!!! Also.. Super Expensive!!!-lol!!!😄 Just thought you’d like to know that they are building stuff like this out there… 😉 😎

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