Good Will Hunting Painting

Good Will Hunting Painting

I still get e-mails from time to time asking where this can be purchased, so I decided to touch it up and upload it to Imageready, where you can buy it commission-free, at least until Miramax asks me to remove it (in a violent, yet critically-acclaimed fashion). Hit the link or the image to go to the store listing.

Recommend the smaller sizes for this print — 14″ x 11″ is close to the painting’s size from the film. Also because I suck at painting digitally, and a smaller print can hide that. I did my best (I painted the outer 30% all around), but it won’t hold up to close scrutiny. At a glance it bears a passing resemblance to what is seen in the film.

I did e-mail Miramax and alert them this was a popular item (I still get traffic hits daily for this painting, and it’s been up over a year or so), in hopes they could add it to their merchandise line. No response, of course, and that is to be expected. Just saying I tried!

One thing I don’t get, is when Will Hunting is describing this painting, he says “It’s also a Winslow Homer ripoff, except, uh, you got whitey rowin’ the boat there.” But you really cannot determine the race of the boat’s occupant at all, or even the gender. It could easily be Paddington Bear in that boat, navigating a harsh sea of marmalade. Doesn’t that thought just cheer you up??

8 thoughts on “Good Will Hunting Painting

  1. Is it possible to buy just the petite print? I don’t see that as an option when I try to purchase. Thanks!


    1. The painting is by Karen adkins there is approximately 200 authentic prints I have 1 of 200. The original is probably in the movie. It’s called “the fisherman”

  2. Thank you for making this. When I saw it in GWH, I immediately though it was a homage to the opening scene in Popeye when Robin Williams is rowing the boat.

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