5 thoughts on “Good Will Hunting Painting

  1. Thank you for the recommendation, I shall check that out. Looks good (I’m getting a Boondock Saints vibe though!)

    I’d like to recommend a great comedy show called ‘Community’, which did a hilarious spoof/parody of Good WiIl Hunting last spring (Season 1, Episode 24: ‘English as a second language’).

    “The best part of my day is hoping to see you are gone…”

    “What a horrible thing to say–!”

    “Yeah that is terrible! What kind of friend are you??”

  2. Hello, thanks for posting this! I’ve searched for this painting before. Still can’t find it anywhere but here — even with search of the artist name you mentinioned. I’d like to buy a large poster print if available. Take care!

    1. Yeah it didn’t exist online until I made this one. It’s a popular item here!

      The artist is the Director of the film. I don’t think Mr. Van Sant circulates his artwork at all, which explains why there is nothing online.

      The original image size I have is only double what you see here. Probably not big enough for a poster.

      Also, I cannot profit from another person’s painting which is likely property of Miramax. They’d kick my butt.

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