Transformers Trilogy Blu-Ray Case

Transformers Blu-Ray DVD Case

This is a pretty fun case design that transforms from a standard box set into Optimus Prime’s trailer. Now that’s putting the fun in functional. Okay I’ll stop.

You can access the blu-ray cases in both forms, and even better they can remain inside the case during transformation:

Transformers Blu-Ray DVD Case

When in box form it should blend-in with your DVD library like a normal box set. In trailer form it would be compatible with a Leader-Class Optimus Prime.

All of the accessories (trailer hitch and “thingy that plugs in the front of the trailer”) would store inside the case. Originally I had the front “thingy” be a transforming Roller figure but I lost all the original files for that guy.

I feel this would be a fun package that would appeal to Transformer collectors, and would also offer incentive for a blu-ray fan to grab an Optimus Prime figure (and vice versa). Also I might be mistaken, but Hasbro has been reluctant to release a trailer for Leader-Class Primes, so this item could fill that void.

13 thoughts on “Transformers Trilogy Blu-Ray Case

  1. Whao that is nice. If possible, may i have the 2D version of this please? i belive u rendered this as a nett cube like thing then animated it.

    Planning to make a papercraft for the ROTF leader 😀

  2. are submitting this idea to hasbro/paramount/dreamworks, and if they don’t do anything with it, are you going to pursue it more and try and get it made?

    1. If I could submit this to those companies, I would. But they all put up a brick wall and do not solicit ideas.

      It’s reeeaaally expensive to prototype. I looked at getting the one from Jurassic Park made ( ), and it would have cost $1200 to get that cage made. Given the volume and size for this one, I’d say 3 times that (especially for the roller bot too). I’d like to get it made, but it’s too pricy. For that kind of money I’d get my own 3D printer.

      Some third -party companies like iGear and FansProject can make this easily. Not sure if they are interested though.

      1. halo there, i think ur ideas re great. i would like to ask if u interesting in produce it or sell the idea.
        i m from HK, a TF lover & do TF accessories too. i got contact with FP, TFC etc.
        i dun know wht they think, but i definitely ‘d like to make this happen!! it s waste if it stay in 3D graphic only. we all know big walls of the big company, i sicked for wht they re doing.
        pls contact me for further discussion. look forward to hear from u, & nice to meet a genius one like u.

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