Geeky Lunch Box: McDonald’s Happy Meal

Happy Meal McDonald's Lunch Box

This one is for the kids or the “really self-assured geek” (not to be confused with a hipster), either way this is a fun design for a lunchbox based on the beloved Happy Meal from McDonald’s.

This is the sort of thing I enjoy posting on this blog, nostalgic items that harken back to carefree times. And a Happy Meal encapsulates positive memories for many of us.

Happy Meal McDonald's Lunch Box

The design is pretty straightforward: there is a cradle for a can of pop, an interchangeable divider for food, and that’s pretty much it. You’ll have to add your own toy!

Originally I had designed this to open like a box with two flaps at the top (just like an actual Happy Meal), but decided to go with this layout. May not be watertight when it comes to nasty spills, but all the food is more accessible here. I was also going to include a matching Thermos bottle shaped like a McDonald’s fountain drink, but that would both increase the size of this lunchbox and eat up volume better used for food.

The main goal was to make this compact. This would be about 5 x 5 x 9″, so slightly bigger than the actual Happy Meal (I think). Still makes it small enough to throw in your backpack or handbag.

Note: I should have added a padlock loop, for those who have to share communal fridges at work!


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  1. I had one of these when I was a kid- but it had a nice non corporate animal friendly design on it 🙂 I still love it anyway

  2. I would take one of these in a heartbeat. Make it happen!

    • I’d love to. But you’d be surprised by how inaccessible McDonald’s is – at least online. You can only send them snail mail.

      I have pinged a few companies that specialize in lunch boxes, no reply as of yet.

  3. Mostafa Al Ghali

    Hi , I want 4 of these , I like Happy Meal so MUCH 🙂 I live in Lebanon

  4. Is this box for sale? Where can I purchase and how much? Please let me know!

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