If IKEA Made Geeky Furniture Part 17: Star Trek Lamp

Warp Core TNG Star Trek Lamp 2011 Dave Delisle

This is an item I had trouble narrowing down to one application. The warp core from Star Trek (Next Generation version depicted), can be turned into many things. A floor lamp, desk lamp, lantern, USB hub, power switch, wireless router, and a universal recharger just to name a few. I think it’s really iconic and I’m a bit surprised no one has turned it into a gadget for geeks.

My favorite application would be a combination of a desk lamp and USB hub/universal charger. It would look like your source of power! And much like how it was seen in the show, it works in the background, and is not too distracting.

I added a case so the two conduits at the rear can attach to something. I think it would look cool on the desk.

My second favorite use would be a floor lamp (depicted top left). You know those tall paper lamps IKEA has? I think this could be done in a similar fashion.

Warp Core TNG Star Trek Lamp 2011 Dave Delisle

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20 thoughts on “If IKEA Made Geeky Furniture Part 17: Star Trek Lamp

    1. Oh definitely. The warp core is a little more appropriate as a power source gadget, but no reason the coolant chamber can’t do the same.

      I can’t find it, but a Canadian made a fridge model that telescopes just like the JP embryo storage. Very energy efficient, minimizes loss of cold air. Unfortunately his invention hasn’t been adopted for mass production, which is a shame.

      1. Yes. The only reason I haven’t posted such a design, is that I think a few people on the RPF forum (Replica Prop Forum) have created such replicas to serve as lamps. All about new ideas here!

      1. That’s weird because Idea Factory does not accept ideas that involve the Intellectual Property of others (Star Trek, Batman), plus Star Trek is their top licensing partner, so they can’t just sneak this under the radar. I won’t be submitting this idea because of that rule.

  1. Should try putting this on Kickstarter. I guarantee there will be people that would be willing to help fund this (so that I can buy one when they come out).

  2. Just make sure to have the dilithium chamber do something. Ooh! I know! Have it be the on/off switch! Of course, in normal postion it would be on, but turn theta-like coverpiece to where the bar is horizontal, and it is off. Or, with a multi circuit rotary switch, you can adjust light levels: i.e. one click = strobe up, 2 = strobe down, 3 = full on (no strobe) 4 = off
    (I don’t think those switches usually have more than 4 states.)

  3. I just submitted this page to Think Geek with a request they look into making it. I know about 12 people that would buy this… hell, I’d probably buy several of them to keep around my house. ESPECIALLY if they had an iphone/cell phone charging station at the bottom. OMG!!! NERDGASM!!!!

  4. ok, I just landed on this image by accident and I think it’s amazing. I’ve always found thw warp core very tranquil and relaxing to look at and listen to the beating sound. I’ve always wondered if anything like this existed, I know it sounds geeky.

    I have to ask, is this actually available to purchase??????
    If so, where from and what’s the price????

      1. Hi Dave,

        is it possible to get the some basic CAD files you used for designing the warp core in your 3D views?
        I’m interested in building such a lamp and it would be an easier start for me.


  5. You need to be hired for product design by warner bros, cbs and all the other big studios, all your designs need to be made, theyd sell in their thousands without a problem.

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