Home Exterior Decoration Idea: Lego-fy Your House

Lego House IRL DIY

Happy Halloween! These last few weeks I’ve noticed many homes all decked-out in festive decorations, and it’s really cool to see. It got me thinking about ways to decorate homes in a more permanent fashion.

The first thought that struck me was Lego. Who wouldn’t want to live in a Lego house? It will turn heads, isn’t too garish, and can be a permanent fixture. Best of all it’s extremely geeky.

This can be accomplished by adding cylindrical discs to the roof and chimney top and other horizontally flat surfaces. The fence, walkway, and driveway can also be lined with Lego “bumps”.

I’m not a handyman type of guy, maybe someone can shed some light on how to properly go about this. I have a few theories:

My first thought for the bumps would be to use potting plant saucers flipped upside down. These come in plastic or ceramic, and are the ideal shape. But then it occurred to me that these would need to filled up with something, as leaving them hollow would result in a lot of noise when it rains. Probably the best way to go is to use wooden or cork discs (which you can buy at Home Depot).

You don’t want these nailed to the roof shingles – never puncture those in any way. I’m thinking glue the discs onto the shingles with a waterproof silicone sealant.

If you want these to be temporary fixtures like Christmas decorations, I’d affix the discs to sections of plywood, which can be tied together and to the roof.

Also something to keep in mind would be how to paint this whole thing. I’ve never seen anyone paint roof shingles — probably a good reason for that. I would suggest painting the discs the same color as the shingles. You can splatter paint by thumbing the brush bristles to match the shingles. And if there was a means to paint the roof and discs in one fell swoop, I wouldn’t do anything glossy. As much as it would look like plastic, you wouldn’t want to blind your neighbors. Go as matte as possible.

To compliment these bumps, you can paint thin lines around the exterior walls to give the impression the house is made of Lego bricks.

It would also be cool to add cement bumps to the perimeter of the driveway or walkway or steps. I wish it could be as simple as using a bucket to make sandcastles, but methinks it would be much more complicated. One thing I would like to do is replace the odd cement bump with a light fixture.

These are home projects I would love to attempt, but I am not a homeowner. If any homeowners attempt this, please be careful on the roof. And be wary of any of those crazy neighborhood bylaws governing your home’s appearance.

This would also be awesome for a small business. Lego-fy your awning or roof.

Other home decoration ideas: Bugs Bunny lawn ornament, Star Trek wallpaper, and a Monsters Inc. fathead.

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