3 thoughts on “Slot Car Clock

  1. I, too, was surprised no one made this. My guess is that, like you said, using real slot cars might prove impractical, and if they are simply scaled down plastic cars on a hidden hand it may as well have any generic car theme (even if the track is painted like a slot car track, you’re still just relying on artwork and not core design). The idea of swappable cars got me thinking: what if this clock were able to use real slot cars instead of proprietary ones? You could include 2 cheap cars (maybe even re-brand existing ones) and heavily advertise that owners can use “most” HO scale slot cars.

    Sure, the slot car community is kept alive by enthusiasts, but those enthusiasts are dumping money into their hobby, and I’m sure many would love to have something like this on the wall by their home track. Aside from enthusiasts, it would appeal to car buffs, the nostalgic, kids, or even people who like slot cars but don’t have room for a track. Sure, something like this is sure to be scooped up by slot car fans, but I imagine with proper licensing and marketing it could sell well at Walmart/Target (NASCAR clock with real working slot cars!).

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