Earbud Ideas


Earbud Ideas

1. Built-in speakers. You can take off your earbuds and switch these speakers on. Handy for times when you want tunes, but cannot wear earbuds (like talking with your buds).

2. A built-in jack. This way you can plug your MP3 player directly into an AUX port, without having to switch to another cord entirely. This would flip out of one of the earbuds like a switchblade.

3. Visualizer. Okay this one is entirely cosmetic, but I always liked the idea of a visualizer on the earbuds or the MP3 player itself. Sure it’s a bit Lady Gaga, but it looks cool.

4. A spare jack port for sharing the audio feed. Sure it seldom ever happens, but this would be nice feature that would allow a friend to listen in. Handy for when you want to a share a film on a long flight. You could buy one of those splitters, but they are never around when you need one.

2 thoughts on “Earbud Ideas

  1. initial reactions:
    1. I think most people just crank the volume with the buds hanging over their neck to accomplish the same thing; the sound quality couldn’t be better, could it?
    2. would this work from a headphone? wouldn’t it only send out the channel the bud was receiving? maybe the long cable could be male-to-male, and the buds a separate piece with a female connector that plugs into it…
    3. a visualizer could be a good reminder of how loud your music is – and to turn it down if it’s in the red, so you don’t damage your hearing.

    1. 1. Cranking up headphones to use as speakers makes for poor sound, only hearing the upper and lower range of the music in a squeaky pitch. Some dedicated external speakers on the headphones would allow for some audible and clear music, though at this size it wouldn’t be amazing quality either, but would do the job.

      2. There are headphones out there where you can unplug each of the earbuds from the cord using smaller versions of the standard jack – this was done for sound quality. However I opted for this design so you don’t have to worry about losing any earbud pieces.

      3. That’s true. Also they’ll let you know if you left your player on. They’ll also telegraph to other people “Hey I’m listening to music, leave me alone!”

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