Charles Mulligan’s Steak House Poster

Charles Mulligan's Steak House by Dave's Geeky Ideas

You can grab a high-res poster here.

I haven’t done a new poster in a long time, so I thought I’d tackle the Steak House print seen in Ron Swanson’s office. I’m not the first to make this poster, but I wanted to create a larger and more show-accurate version.

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Indiana Jones’ Last Crusade Rubbing Poster

Indiana Jones Grail Tablet Rubbing Last Crusade 2012 Dave Delisle

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The latest addition to my geeky poster store continues the trend of art seen in films and television. This one is a facsimile of the composite charcoal rubbing created by Indiana Jones in the Last Crusade film (remember when that film capped a trilogy perfectly?).

This one is about 90% accurate. Some characters at the top left needed guesswork. You’ll have to fold it, crumple it up, and add some tears at the edge to make it look completely authentic.

When I illustrated the letters I saw some actual wording used in the film – it’s not just a bunch of random text. References to a crescent moon, life eternal, and Alexandretta all present and accounted for. Several other words could be loosely interpreted as well.

All Valley Karate Tournament Poster

Karate Kid All Valley Tournament Poster

You can buy a high-res version of this poster here.

I originally illustrated this poster design in summer 2011, but then when back and remade it in January 2012, which is what you see here. It’s a very popular item and I get many compliments about how great it looks.