Indiana Jones’ Last Crusade Rubbing Poster

Indiana Jones Grail Tablet Rubbing Last Crusade 2012 Dave Delisle

Click here to grab a poster.

The latest addition to my geeky poster store continues the trend of art seen in films and television. This one is a facsimile of the composite charcoal rubbing created by Indiana Jones in the Last Crusade film (remember when that film capped a trilogy perfectly?).

This one is about 90% accurate. Some characters at the top left needed guesswork. You’ll have to fold it, crumple it up, and add some tears at the edge to make it look completely authentic.

When I illustrated the letters I saw some actual wording used in the film – it’s not just a bunch of random text. References to a crescent moon, life eternal, and Alexandretta all present and accounted for. Several other words could be loosely interpreted as well.


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  1. 17 days seems an appropriate retirement length! Happy you are back at your geekery, sir, esp once it’s cold enough for you to start thinking ‘hockey’ again!

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