Firefly And Serenity Blu-Ray Case

Serenity Blu-Ray Case by davesgeekyideas

UPDATE (March 27/2015): This is an updated design of the Serenity/Firefly Blu-Ray case. The original, which was based on the media device used to play the “Miranda” distress video in the film, was a bit too complex.

Instead of having a book-like case with many flaps, I decided to put the discs in trays that can be pulled out of the base. The old design required that you unclamp and remove the data module to get at the discs.

This updated design looks a lot cleaner, and the discs are easier to access. The LED-illuminated data module would still be removable, giving this case a “replica prop” vibe.

8 thoughts on “Firefly And Serenity Blu-Ray Case

  1. You know what? Mitch is right.

    I enjoy and admire your work all the time, and never say a word. The one and only time I think the idea is too esoteric I open my mouth and complain.

    Sorry, for being an ass.

    Keep up the good work.

  2. I doubt this will ever be seen again but oh well.. This idea is BRILLIANT.. but Instead of making it a case.. have the storage device a mounted microsd card.. and the case itself.. frost it, whack in some light blue superbright LED’s and keep the internals as a hooked up media centre.. the diffusion should hide the internals and keep it looking like an incredible idea.. brown coats would love to own this.. do you still have the files? am interested in printing and tinkering..

      1. I’ll take a stab at it regardless. Will be a good project as a housing for my raspberry pi. and maybe a larger version for an itx motherboard. The arms are going to be a pig to fabricate from the looks of it

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