Calgary Stetson Arena Concept

Calgary Flames Stetson Arena

This concept for the Calgary Flames is an arena shaped like a stetson hat, thanks to a pair of flanking ramps that usher fans into the upper concourse.

A roundabout also encircles the arena, and dips below ground level to access underground parking and the VIP entrances. Connecting bridges allow fans to bypass the traffic on the roundabout.

Calgary Flames Stetson Arena

Perhaps the lower roundabout sections could act as an emergency basin the next time the Bow River overflows?


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  1. That’s awesome, Dave! One of the things I really like about going to baseball games is simply seeing the architecture and experiencing all the things that makes each ballpark unique. I’ve never had that experience with a hockey/basketball arena. I think this design could change that and give events in Calgary a big boost from visitors. I hope someone in Calgary is paying attention!

  2. Love this! Reminds me of the ACC too.

  3. Nicely done! And I’m an Oilers fan!

  4. Love this concept! I’m all about the lighting on a building. I don’t know about you but slap a trademark on that and I would highly consider sending that design to the Flames. What about red lighting? Could you create a design with that to see how it looks. I am curious to see. Great job btw!

  5. No no no. Hideous. City would hopefully never approve something like this.

  6. Finally Somebody thinking Outside the Box and Absoulute Brillant Design
    My Hats off to you.. An Honour to this Great City

  7. Although it’s kind of a silly concept I like the White hat Black Hat switch.White during the day and Black during game time when it’s time to be the bad guys

  8. Oh man, you have to have the score of the game inside being displayed outside on the “hat band”

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