Netflix Blu-Ray Shelf

Netflix Blu-Ray Library Shelf

Thought this would be a fun way to organize and display your Blu-Rays: a shelf that looks like the Netflix Instant homepage. Now you can organize your films by genres, while displaying your favorite films front and center. The displayed movies are actual Blu-Ray cases which are held in place like photos in a picture frame. So not only do they display nicely, they are also easily accessible. Each shelf folds down to reveal a selection of Blu-Rays:


Another way to go is to have a whole bunch of shelves (one shelf for each displayed movie on the front of the shelf) that would open like a filing cabinet:


I prefer the first system because it would be quicker to find the film you want, however the filing cabinet system could store a higher number of films.

As for labeling each shelf in a fashion similar to how Netflix labels each row (Action & Adventure, Comedy, Documentaries, etc.), decals or stickers could be used, but I would prefer a card display – like the front of a filing cabinet.

To preserve the appearance of the Netflix page, no shelf handles would be used. Instead push-magnets would be used to open and close each drawer.

I doubt Netflix will be getting into the furniture scene anytime soon, but this could be a fun DIY project.

7 thoughts on “Netflix Blu-Ray Shelf

  1. Very creative idea. Glad to see you included Equilibrium, it’s my favorite movie. The action scenes are unmatched.

  2. Pretty, and good idea… interesting take on displaying these things. Unfortunately though, once it’s full it’s full and then the rest of your collection has to be stored elsewhere. :/

      1. Oh, yeah, of course – just the reason why I personally wouldn’t use one. Something like this would be great in a home theatre though – and if it did get full, you could take out the least-popular films and place them in a cupboard. 😀

  3. Great idea! Would love to make this for my blu ray collection. Do you by any means have the measurements and or file for this project?
    Would love to make it, but I’m not sure how i would start.

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